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2013, 2014, 2015, 2016...For the fourth consecutive year, L'Orient-Le Jour partners with Impact Journalism Day. Ever since its very first edition, we believed in this project carried out by Sparknews which collaboratively promotes (along with 55 newspapers around the world partaking in said project), impact journalism. Today, more than ever before, we believe in it.

It is essential to report and decode international breaking news, from the Syrian war to the attacks perpetrated in Paris, Brussels and elsewhere, along with the US Presidential campaign or the Brexit referendum, but it is evermore necessary to highlight the initiatives of those who find solutions to social, environmental, economic, public healthcare issues.

It is ever more evident that from Japan to Peru, crossing through Lebanon, we are confronted to similar challenges, whether it may be waste handling, social inclusion, environment protection... And to highlight the solutions brought forward in Kamikatsu, Bukiro ou New Haven, for the management of waste, access to clean water, or overfishing... Solutions that could be a source of inspiration anywhere, and a catalyst for change.
This is where the beating heart of this project lies: to inspire.

Today we are no longer granted the luxury of being passive. With this supplement, we hope to inform and sensitize you, but most importantly: encourage you to act and become, you too, agents for change.




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