Community rules

Dear readers,

With the launch of our English section, L'Orient-Le Jour would like to provide you with the community rules for online comment section.

All of the comments and reactions to the articles on our website are moderated by the OLJ web team, which makes sure everyone complies with this charter. By responding to our articles, you agree to abide by the code of conduct set out below:

The following are forbidden:

- Defamatory, sectarian, abusive, violent, obscene, provocative, racist or inappropriate comments

- An aggressive or violent tone

- Personal insults between Internet users: Readers are asked to react to articles by developing arguments, not by verbally abusing each other

- Pornography, pedophilia, profanity and obscenities

- Comments that undermine human dignity

- Out of context contributions

- Opinions expressed in a language other than French, Arabic or English because they could lead to confusion and it is difficult to verify if they violate any of the aforementioned rules

- Messages directly or indirectly denigrating and slandering L’Orient-Le Jour, its journalists and its managers

- Messages containing street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and other personal data

- Repeatedly sending the same messages, very similar messages, one-worded comments or comments limited to an onomatopoeia. The moderators on OLJ’s web team examine each comment received, so it is unnecessary to send the same reaction several times.

Furthermore, the web team checks and validates comments at regular intervals during the day, but not instantaneously. If your comment is submitted during the day, it can take from five to 60 minutes for it to be reviewed.

Comments are either published in their entirety or completely rejected. Moderators do not modify the form or content of a comment.

The criteria for validation are in no way based on the political substance of a reaction.

The comment section of the Orient-Le Jour website is not a forum for Internet users. The reactions must strictly stick to a personal opinion regarding the article under which it will appear.

The moderators reserve the right to apply these rules by refusing to publish or by removing comments that go against this charter.

The OLJ website cannot be used to launch or exchange personal attacks (directly or indirectly) against other Internet users.

By posting your comments, you agree to the aforementioned rules.

Only the moderators are able to validate comments, and it is possible that they sometimes fail to notice one. But please believe that they do their best to make L'Orient-Le Jour's comment section a enriching and productive space.